Finding Where Suspicious Odor is Coming From: It's What We Do!

The Newark wildlife creatures that will invade your property are often small and cute but the damage that they can cause should not be undermined. They can weaken the structure of our house, transfer parasites and diseases, and contaminate our foods with their excrement. Not only that, once they die, their body will release a powerful decaying scent. The smell is a mixture of various harmful gasses such as methane, and sulfur dioxide. You will need to immediately determine the source in order to put a stop to your misery.

Guide on the Odor Detection Services

There are instances that looking for the source of the odor can be a struggle. Sometimes, they are located in the obscure areas of our New Jersey house. In case you find yourself in this situation, you can seek the assistance of the odor detection services. Here are the procedures that they will need to follow in order to identify the source of the problem.

Source Tracking

They will start by using the smell patch test that will help them isolate the scent into a particular room or space. Aside from the fact that it is affordable, it is also convenient and easy-to-use that can deliver an outstanding result. This method has been proven effective by various studies. During one study, they employ the assistance of a pregnant lady who is highly sensitive against smell. The result shows that this method is indeed effective in tracking the source of a particular scent.

Factors That May Cause Odor

After isolating the smell to a particular New Jersey room, they will now determine the possible cause of the odor. Usually, it would be a dead animal but that is not always the case. The odor detection services have a complete checklist of the elements inside the house that can produce this annoying scent. In some instances, even the weather can contribute to the powerful stench. They will also assess the exterior and interior part of your walls, plumbing system, airshaft, and HVAC equipment.


After noting the various factors that can produce that odor, they will then analyze the history of your Newark building that will help them determine the particular cause of the smell. This may include the age and location of the building, the construction materials, mechanical system, pesticide treatments, renovation, and odor occurrences which may include weather and wildlife infestation.

Surface Testing

The surface testing is mostly conducted once they determine the source of the unbearable smell. This is also conducted if there are no New Jersey dead animals found in the area. They will collect a small sample and will send it to their lab for further testing. This will help them determine the type of material they are dealing with. For instance, if the sample shows that there are traces of chlordane, then it is highly possible that the area has been soaked into a pesticide. This will then help them verify the best possible solution to eliminate the odor.

After determining the source, the odor detection service will then temporarily contain the smell. This will be necessary to determine if the odor is originating in a single area of the house. Once this is done, the remediation procedure will start.

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